General Email Guidelines

These guidelines were extracted from an email from Pete Klanovich, Grand Knight, to all council members.

  1. Don’t include somebody else’s private email without the express permission of the person.
  2. If a council member receives an email addressed to him that contains other email addresses, and he wants to forward to the council in general, he is responsible to remove the other email addresses from the email received prior to submitting it to the moderator to be sent to the council. The moderator does not have the ability to change any of the content of an email sent to the group.
  3. No discussions about politics.
  4. Commercial posts are not acceptable, although you may provide your commercial contact information in your signature
  5. Don’t send copyrighted material.
  6. When replying to an email, do not select “reply to all” unless you want the entire group to receive the email; “reply to sender” is usually the correct choice.
  7. Don’t send meaningless messages, like “me too” or “thank you” posts that do not contribute to the conversation.
  8. Write a clear, understandable subject line.
  9. Avoid sarcasm and humor to keep from being misunderstood.
  10. Keep your email short and to the point.
  11. Write in clear, grammatical, correctly-spelled language.
  12. Have respect for others; be polite.
  13. The Council’s policy is not to forward emails containing URLs to articles; however, if there is an article that may be important/timely to share with the council membership, please forward the article/URL to the Grand Knight for his consideration and approval for release to the membership.